Founder of Musiclock, the most creative Finn 2017

Despite the young age of 21, Perttu Pölönen has already been awarded as the most creative Finn in 2017. Pölönen is the founder of Musiclock. Last year he also attended Singularity University in Silicon Valley, the prestigious program with a mission to inspire and empower future leaders to solve humanity's grand challenges. 

Pölönen is an inspiring combination of an artist, inventor, entrepreneur and composer, in other words he’s the perfect person to share insights about problem solving and imagination.


Founder of RailsGirls, DEVELOPER and writer

Linda Liukas is a Finnish programmer, writer and influencer.  Thus has she committed her career to helping more and more people to get acquainted with the world of programming and computers. Linda believes that the world isn’t ready yet, and that the most significant way of creating new is by developing new technology.

Linda is also well-known for her inspirational speeches and was chosen to the 50 most inspiring women in technology in Europe 2017.


Explorer, mountaiNEER

Patrick “Pata” Degerman is a man of over 40 expeditions from the Arctic to the Antarctic and from jungle to deserted islands. In his journeys, Pata has faced
all sorts of challenging situations, and most importantly always figured his way out of them. Not only is Pata an experienced explorer but also an inspirational speaker and a Speakersforum’s speaker of the year in 2006.

In his speeches, Pata shares his unique experiences and utilizes his knowledge to speak about topics such as teamwork, goal reaching and outside the box


Managing Partner at Reaktor Ventures

As a managing partner of Reaktor Ventures, Oskari Kettunen seeks out the most promising startups of the Nordics and provides them with both investments and expertise. Kettunen himself has a lot of experience in the world of startups and technology is close to his heart

His experience makes him the right person to talk about the future, vision and the leap of faith needed to succeed as an entrepreneur.


Founder of ST1

Mika Anttonen is the founder of St1. Anttonen has managed to grow the St1 group from zero to one of the biggest fuel companies in Europe in only twenty years. Even after all the success he still feels a hunger to make a positive impact and tackle the challenges of our era.

Anttonen is known as the advocate of renewable energy, actively developing more sustainable energy sources to
fill the energy needs of the future.



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